Reverse dowry: Bride’s father allegedly receives money from groom’s family

Nandyal [AP]: A surprising revelation has been made in the case which was registered by a woman against her husband. Earlier, the mother of girls had earlier registered a case against her husband. She had alleged that her husband had sold her daughters for Rs. 5 lakh.

According to the report published in Times of India, police found that the man had practiced age-old practice of “Kanyasulkam” or bride money.

The man is identified as Pasupuleti Maddilety (38), a resident of Nandyal Town, AP. He was in debt trap and had collected Kanyasulkam for his three daughters.

However, the girls’ mother, Venkatamma had approached the Nandyal Taluk police and lodged a complaint against her husband. She alleged that her husband had entered into an agreement to sell her daughters.

Police after investigation found that the accused belongs to the community which practices Kanyasulkam. ICDS Officials sent the girls to a rehabilitation home.

It may be mentioned that Kanyasulkam is a form of reverse dowry which is still practiced by very few communities. In this practice, groom pays money to bride’s family.