Revenue Stamps missing from post office, people face inconvenience due to black-marketing

Hyderabad: Revenue stamps are missing from the post offices and people are finding it hard to get them. Though the General Post Office (GPO) Abids is not very far from Registration and Stamps Office, Moazzam Jahi Market, still due to lack of coordination between the two departments there is acute scarcity of revenue stamps in the post office. Consequently black marketing of Revenue Stamps has become rampant.

Due to rising pressure from general public, Registration and Stamps Department had handed over the last stock of revenue stamps worth Rs. 36000 to the postal department but the stock exhausted in just one day. A senior officer of postal department told this.

Both the department had signed an agreement 9 months ago under which postal department would procure the required stock from Security Press of Nasik and Dept. of Registration and stamps will collect the bill but due to lack of coordination between the two departments the supply was not as per demand. As a result there is scarcity of revenue stamps in post offices. Meanwhile roadside stamp vendors are raking in money and they are selling Re 1 revenue stamp at Rs. 10. On urgent requirement it is also sold at Rs. 20.