Revenge Rape: Man raped 17-year-old girl for slapping

New Delhi: Raju (21) raped a 17-year-old girl and murdered her 12-year-old cousin brother. She was also beaten by an iron rod for objecting to the sexual assault.


Landlady who saw victim bleeding informed the police. Police Officer said that victim’s brother was strangled and victim was beaten by an iron rod when she objected his advance. Police later shifted victim and her brother to hospital.


Sources revealed that crime took place when victim’s parents had gone to her grandfather’s house. Victim’s mother had asked Raju, a factory labourer who also reside in same building to take care of her children, saying they would not come back in the night. But taking advantage of the situation Raju whose marriage was earlier fixed with the victim, raped her and murdered her brother.


Earlier, the girl’s mother and stepfather fixed her marriage with Raju but girl rejected and slapped him after he tried to touch her inappropriately.