Revenge of Laborer: Man hacked to death with axe in front of father

Hyderabad: A 38-year-old labour was hacked to death in broad daylight at his native Nagaram village in Maheswaram.

According to reports, the deceased T Raju and his father were waiting near the Shivaji temple when the incident happened, TOI reports.

The Police said, Raji was attacked by the family members of his fellow deceased villager K Krishna, who had died under suspicious circumstances in January 2017, but the family refused to believe Raju had nothing to do with Krishna’s death.

The deceased along with his father Narasimha went to Nagaram village to borrow money from an advocate, Nageswara Rao and the duo were on their way to collect the money.

“Raju and Narasimha had asked Nageswara Rao for money a few days ago and he asked them to come on Sunday morning,” Maheswaram inspector A Arjunaiah said.

Fellow villagers Shankaraiah, Krishna’s father and his brother Matsyender came on a bike with axes and attacked Raju who was waiting along with his father.

“Raju was hacked to death in front of his father and several villagers by Shankaraiah and Matsyender. The incident happened in less than a minute before anyone could try to stop the axe-wielding attackers,” said the inspector.

The police were informed after the villagers killed Raju. The cops on arriving at the crime scene shifted Raju’s body to a hospital for postmortem examination.

“Shankaraiah is the father of Krishna and Matsyender. Though police probe found no indications that Raju had anything to do with the death of Krishna, the latter’s family did not believe it and they decided to kill Raju,” added the inspector.

Krishna was found dead near the railway tracks in Shamshabad last year.