Revanth’s poser to KTR

Congress leader A Revanth Reddy has lashed out at the IT Minister KT Ramarao today asking the latter to remember at least the names of Srikantha Chary, Kodandaram.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, Revanth Reddy reacted on KTR’s question that ‘who is Revanth Reddy?. He said “KTR is as to whom was Revanth Reddy? No problem if KTR didn’t remember me. But KTR has to remember at least the names of Srikantha Chary and Kodandaram. He also asked KTR to tell as to where Health Minister completed his doctor course. If he wants he is ready to face at Jadcharla if wanted”.

It may be mentioned here that KTR conversed with netizens on twitter on Thursday. KTR answered to the questions raised by the netizens on various issues like state government, politics, personal tastes, Pawan Kalyan, Revanth Reddy and so on. In the process, one asked about Revanth Reddy to tell in two sentences. Then KTR responded saying “who is that?”