Revanth Reddy alleges major scam in Telangana martyr’s memorial construction

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) chief and MP A Revanth Reddy on Saturday alleged that there is a major scam involved in the construction of the Telangana martyr’s memorial being built by the state government.

He attacked chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and said that alleged that the TRS supremo is trying to make crores of money via this project. He also demanded a committee to be set up to investigate the alleged corruption.

Revanth Reddy and leaders of the Telangana Congress visited the construction site of the Amaraveerula stupam (Telangana martyr’s memorial) near Lumbini Park and spoke to the press after examining the works.

“Does it take 9 years to build the Amaraveerula Stupam? Are you even a human being? You have built 10 acres of Pragati Bhavan in 9 months so that you can live and sleep in it. You have made bulletproof bathrooms inside,” he said lashing out at CM KCR.

Revanth said that KCR’s DNA should be tested to check whether he is from Telangana or not. “That is because he has given the contract to build our Telangana martyr’s memorial to an Andhra company. They have no experience in building something like this. Can Telangana contractors not build this? Also, there is a 300 percent hike from the estimated cost to the actual cost spent now. In the name of consultancy, 6 percent commission has been given. This is corruption,” he alleged.

Revanth Reddy also said that the chief minister has deceived all sections of Telangana by promising progress and justice. “He didn’t live up to the promise of providing employment to the families of people who martyred of the statehood movement. He also promised them 5 acres of land. It’s been eight years and nothing happened,” he said.