Revanth alleges KCR-Adani-Modi Nexus

Hyderabad: Throwing a challenge at Ministers KT Ramarao and T Harish Rao to stop AICC chief Rahul Gandhi’s tour in Telangana if they have guts, Congress leader and Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy warned that the Congress activists will walk over the Ministers. “KTR and Harish come from other side and stop Rahul’s tour and I will be in front row to face you people, and stop victimizing innocents”, he challenged.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Thursday, Revanth Reddy alleged that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was trying to make the BC and ST students as scapegoats once again. The doubts over TRS-BJP friendship was cleared with the TRS party’s support vote to BJP in Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election. The Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election was best example to say that KCR was secret friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he pointed out. He said that KCR, who speaks lies saying that he was keeping distance from the BJP, will go along with BJP in future.

Questioning KCR to tell as to how he will extend support to Modi, who has not given any clarity on Muslim Reservations, Revanth Reddy said that businessman Adani was mediating between KCR and Modi. “Is it not a fact that KCR went to Chennai in Adani’s flight ?”, he asked.

Revanth Reddy said that he will stick to his word that huge corruption took place in Chattisgarh power purchase and said that KCR was purchasing power from Chattisgarh only to benefit Adani Company. The power generation in Chattisgarh was with the coal produced in Adani Company; he informed and said that KCR was purchasing Chattisgarh power because KCR had the economic interests with Adani Company. KCR and Adani were looting Telangana, he alleged and it was KCR-Adani-Modi nexus.

Revanth asked MIM to think on how it was extending support to KCR where KCR and Modi were deceiving Muslims in regard to Reservation. He said that the Congress party high command will decide the alliances with TDP or any other political party. “The party has not given permission to speak on alliances as an individual. I will speak on alliances only after getting permission from the party”, he said. (NSS)