“Return my son” pleads Najeeb’s mother

New Delhi: Najeeb Ahmed, Jawaharlal Nehru University student is been missing for eight months now and the Government seems to do nothing about it. The Muslim student is missing since he had a tiff with ABVP members.
His mother, Fatima Nafees pleads the Government to return her son back to her.

‘My son was a simple, honest, calm person, never got into brawls with anybody, neither would answer back when being scolded for anything, even if he was not at mistake’.

His other two brothers Mujeeb and Haseeb were mischievous but when caught, apologetically would say ‘I din’t do it’ rather than putting the blame on the one another says, his mother recalling their childhood.

Now they are all grown up, reached age about 27, 28, but they are sincere, honest and innocent, that is how they have gone up, never learned to lie or cheat people.

Recalling her memories of her missing son, Najeeb’s mother says, his heart was made of gold, was such a good kind hearted kid. He used to cry in school while filling in the form of siblings, for not having a sister. Being blessed with two younger brother’s his heart would still ache for a sister. Fortunately, he was blessed with a sister, but she had some heart problems. She says, she would wake him up most of the times, in the middle of the night to look after his little sister, and Najeeb would never wake up cranky.

‘Whenever I would ask him what he would like to have for food he always replied saying anything would do fine, he never complained at all. When I made any of his favourites dishes like kebab, kofte, biryani, I would hide a little extra for Najeeb compared to his other siblings. His sister always complained saying you love Najeeb bhai more than any of us. His brother’s would tease him saying mother najeeb bhai is gaining so much weight avoid giving him this and that, but he would always remain calm’.

Najeeb never demanded anything in his life. In fact, he would always say ‘once I complete my education with flying colors I would fulfill your dreams and mine.’

His lecturers in Bareilly would always motivate him, seeing the potential and that thirst for education in Najeeb. He was a very studious student. They would suggest, guide, help him with books, references, files, for clearing JNU.

He was very happy when he secured a seat at JNU, so happy that he updated his status on facebook about it.

His brother, Mujeeb took new clothes and some money when he got admitted into the university.

She cries while recollecting those days when Najeeb told ‘I would buy new clothes, new shoes after my admission in JNU’. He came home after a week in those new clothes. She says she requested him to stay for a two or more days but he left on 13 October saying ‘I have to work hard for this semester in order to get my scholarship’ cries his mother.

She says ‘My life is connected with my son. If something happens to him I would end up getting hurt as well, and I believe Allah would someday listen to my prayers and send him back to me.’

She cries saying ‘no mother should suffer the pain I am going through’. ‘People tell me I have the courage to stand in these tough times, but I say, I only have hope that my son would return to me’, she pleads helplessly, to return her son back to her, she waits for his return, she says she would not allow him to go anywhere when he returns.

She pleads helplessly crying ‘Return my Najeeb back to me, he is the joy of my life, I am falling sick worrying for my son, how would you feel if your son goes missing, I cannot express the pain I am living for the past few months’.

A mother is helplessly pleading the Government to return her son back to her who missing for the past 8 months. She hopes and waits for his return.

A mother’s heart would never give up hope under any circumstances, under any situation, she would still hope for her child’s safety.