From Retired Judges to ex-armed Chiefs, 500 dignitaries to attend Sangh’s invite

New Delhi: Over 500 dignitaries are likely to attend three-day lecture series of RSS which is scheduled for next week.

From Retired Judges to former Armed Chiefs, Religious leaders, business tycoons, film stars, sportspersons ambassador’s of over 60 countries and many political party leaders are likely to attend this event “Future of Bharat: An RSS perspective”, after the RSS has shortlisted nearly 500 dignitaries, the right-wing group intends to invite.

The event is scheduled for September 17-19 and would have an interactive session on the third day of the event, the Week reported.

Well, RSS has been the topic of controversy for being known as the right-wing Hindu extremists group for past several years and in the wake of sudden inhuman lynching in the name of religion.

And with this initiative, this would be the first time ever that RSS would explain the Sangh’s perspective, ideologies to non-Sangh members.

“The list includes the names of religious leaders from all religions, film stars, sportspersons, media personalities, retired judges and former chiefs of the armed forces. The invitations are being sent to all these dignitaries,” said a Sangh functionary involved in the process of sending the invitations, adding that ambassadors of more than 60 countries are also included in the list.

Earlier, RSS had mentioned it would invite Congress president Rahul Gandhi, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury and the other political leaders of different ideologies.

Sources close to Sangh said that the decision to organize the event was taken at an All India Prant Pracharak meeting held at Somnath in July.

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