Retired General VK Singh calls UP CM Yogi ‘traitor’

Ghaziabad: Furious at UP CM Yogi’s recent controversial remark where he addressed Indian Army as Modi ki Sena, Retired General and Union Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said people who claim so are traitors.

India’s armed forces do not belong to any political party and those who claim so are traitors to the nation VK Singh said during an interview, TN reports.

Yogi Adityanath had made the controversial remark while addressing a rally in Ghaziabad on April 1.

He had said: “Congress ke log aatankwadiyon ko biryani khilate hain aur Modi ji ki sena aatankwadiyon ko goli aur gola deti hai (Congress people feed biryani to terrorists, while Modi’s army gives them bullet or bomb).”

Calling Indian Army as Modi’s army has triggered an uproar with Opposition parties demanding action Yogi.

The EC has too issued a notice to Yogi for his remark on Wednesday and sought response from him on the matter by Friday.

When BBC asked him to comment on Yogi’s remarks he said he was not aware of the context in which the remarks were made.

“During campaigning for the BJP, everyone also describes themselves as army.
But which army are we talking about here? Are we talking about the Indian Army or are we talking about political workers. I am not aware of the context. If someone says that India’s Army is Modi ji’s army, then he is not only wrong but also a traitor. India’s armed forces belong to India, not to any political party.

“Don’t know who is saying all this. There are one or two people who say things like these because they do not have anything else.