Restiveness prevails in Islamic world ahead of controversial opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

Tel Aviv: Deep anger and restiveness prevail in the Islamic world, as the US is going to inaugurate its embassy in Jerusalem today. Keeping in view the restiveness in the Islamic world especially in the Middle East against the move of US, American marine forces have been sent to the US embassies in the Muslim countries for their security. CNN has reported the day before that in the wake of the inauguration of US embassy in Jerusalem the marine forces have been sent to various Muslim countries.

Meanwhile, the controversial opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem has infuriated Palestinians. Seeing it as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, Gaza’s Islamist rulers, Hamas, have led mass protests in a “Great March of Return” for the past six weeks. More than 50 Palestinians have been killed since the protests began. Thousands more have been wounded.

According to sources, the event will be attended by top US officials, besides President Donald Trump’s daughter and her husband.