Resistance against intolerance: Theaters’ responsibility – Mahesh Bhatt

Hyderabad: Noted Revolutionary Film Producer, Mahesh Bhatt strongly condemned the increasing intolerance in the country and stressed the need for the theaters and Artists to come forward to oppose this evil. He further told that the basic objective of the theater is to raise the crushed voice. Mr. Mahesh Bhatt was addressing a gathering at International Convention Center in Hyderabad convened by Qadir Ali Baig Theater Foundation on its 10th anniversary celebrations. Due to this reason the name of theater’s legendary figure, Qadir Ali Baig is remembered not only in India but also throughout the world. Addressing the meeting, Mr. Bhatt told that he feels the fragrance of the late Qadir Ali Baig in this gathering. He kept alive not only the traditions of the theater with his iron will but also promoted them. Qadir Ali Baig was the personality who knew the art of going alone with courage and enthusiasm without caring for oppositions. His able son, Mr. Mohammed Ali Baig is promoting these great traditions initiated by him. Mr. Bhatt further told that India is a great country where the founding fathers of the constitution of India have given complete freedom of thought to their citizens. He also told that the rulers and influential people inscribed history but theater is a sector which raises the individuals and events which have been neglected by history. Its best example is that India permitted the exhibition of the film on the biography of Iraqi Journalist, Muntazir Zaidi who had thrown a shoe on American President George W. Bush which was an indication of helplessness and wrath of the Iraqis.

–Siasat News