An attempt to resist the attack on higher education in India

People’s Commission on Shrinking Democratic Space (PCSDS), a national membership-based body formed with the objective to respond and advocate the issues of freedom in the country. According to its report, the condition of Indian higher education deteriorating as the years passing by.

PCSDS’ YouTube posting says, 44.81 million undergraduate students are too poor to go for higher education. The number of Private institutes increased by 17,046 in the past four years in the country. The video highlights that 40 percent drop was seen in the number of scholarships for marginalised students.

The video also says, hinting towards certain institutes, that the government has made systematic attempts to curb any voice of dissent among students. Adding ‘the upper-caste supremacist and anti-Dalit political bodies are enjoying powers, free from any conditions’.

YouTube video

PCSDS came into existence in May 2016, during a national convention of HRDs in New Delhi, after a consultative process held nationally, regionally and in various Indian states. People’s Tribunal on attacks on educations institutions in India will be held on April 11, 12 and 13, 2018 at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.