Residents in containment zones scramble for essential items

Hyderabad: The Telangana government has laid out a plan for smooth delivery of essential items in containment zones to plug the spread of COVID-19. Presently, there are 146 containment zones in Hyderabad announced by the Grater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) where essentials are supplied with the help of GHMC staff and volunteers wearing protecting kit. But according to the ground report and some who are in these zones, there is only a promise to support made by the authorities and not the execution.

This issue was revealed when residents of containment zone, Malakpet on Monday afternoon came near the barricades and urged officials to open a half of the gate so that the people can go out for essential commodities.

The COVID-19 Containment Zones are areas where one or more positive cases have been reported. One declared a containment zones, the areas is sealed and totally barricaded with the closure of all the entries to the locality.

“Recently, Minister for MA&UD K T Rama Rao inspected the containment zones and directed all the officials including GHMC staff, police personnel nodal officers who creates a WhatsApp group of people living in the zone (one from each family is added to the group) and the higher authorities of the constituency or division are also made part of the group. The residents can put the list of essential items on it, which is then delivered to them and it can be used for complaints too,” a nodal officer deployed in the containment zone of Malakpet told to

“It’s been 7 days the old Malakpet area has been declared as a containment zone. Total area has been completely sealed, people residing in this locality either inform their neighbours through cell phones or to the policemen for delivery of essential items. Since, the holy month of Ramdan have started the Muslim community prefer to shop fruits, other food items. We have being requesting to the authorities to open the area in the morning hours but no one paid attention our request, says Syed Shanavaz, resident of Saleem Nagar.   

Today, all the residents living in the zone have gathered near the barricaded entry demanding the authorities to open the half gate at least for two hours in day so that people can go out to purchase essential items what they prefer during summer and Ramadan.

“The Telangana Government should have assigned someone for the delivery of basic items. We are depended on our friends and police officers who is stationed on this locality for essential items,” says Manohar a resident of Old Malakpet whose house and nearby house have also been declared as a containment zone.