Reservations only solution for social, economic and educational upliftment of Muslims

The Muslim Empowerment Movement launched by Siasat Daily has created awareness among Muslims regarding the fact that reservations are important to eliminate economic, educational and social backwardness of present generation of Muslims and their coming generations. The 12% Muslim reservation movement initiated by Siasat Daily is gaining popularity among Muslims and Muslims of state are joining the movement in large numbers. They are making representations with government on various levels. Muslims of the state feel that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had promised to provide 12 % reservations to Muslims during his election campaign which he should fulfill at any cost. Muslims will not accept dillydallying policy instead of fulfilling the promise.

The state government’s decision to pass a resolution in the house and take it to the centre has angered Muslims. They demand that government approach BC commission which has the power to recommend for reservations to Muslims on the basis of their social economic and educational backwardness. If the government is serious in fulfilling its promise then it should take measures seriously.

As part of this campaign several representations were made all over Telangana. The greatest impact of the movement was seen in Nizamabad. A leader of Muslim league ran signature campaign at Mohammedia Masjid, Mohammedia Colony. Musallis of Jama Masjid under the supervision of Naeb Qazi Syed Inayat Ali Saberi staged a rally in the form of procession. Later the rally reached Tahsildar officer in the form of groups and staged protest before the office and demanded that the government takes concrete measures to provide reservations.

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