Reservation should be based on economic criteria: BJP MP

Gurgaon: BJP MP Ch Dharambir, who represents Bhiwani-Mahendergarh constituency in Haryana, Tuesday said reservation should be based on economic criteria and not on caste.

Poverty should be the basis for reservation rather than caste or religion, he said while addressing a press conference.

He said these were his personal views and that the party has nothing to do with it.

Dharambir said he is associated with an organization, ‘Dharam Sena’, since the last 10-12 years under which he has been advocating for reservation based on economic criteria.

On being asked, he said, he would raise the issue in Lok Sabha too.

Dharambir said in 21st century, Indians have to compete with developed countries who care little for caste or religion and added that now the countrymen should think about how to help the poor and about bringing them into mainstream.