Reservation essential for lakhs of unemployed Muslim youths – Relay Hunger Strike in Khammam

Hyderabad: A Relay Hunger Strike has been started in Khammam on 28th November to ensure 12% reservation for Muslims. During the Relay Hunger Strike, the Muslims of Khammam told that a large number of Muslim youth are unemployed. The only solution for the eradication of their unemployment is to provide 12% reservation which is the need of the house. Mr. KCR who intends to make the Muslims of Telangana ideal should make Tamil Nadu as an ideal.


Mr. Naseer Ali, Convener of Relay Hunger Strike told that many unemployed Muslim youths have high hopes. They expect that Govt. of Telangana would notify 12% reservation in the recent recruitment. Mr. Mohammed Asad told that in collaboration with SCs and STs, this protest campaign would be further intensified. Mr. S. Venkataviriah , MLA of Sattupally in Khammam district. Mr. P. Nageshwar Rao, MLC and Mr. Brahmayya, District President of TDP told that they are in support of 12% reservation for Muslims. Mr. Viriah said that this issue  would be raised in the winter session of Assembly and reply would be sought from the Govt. He further told that it would be unjust to refuse reservations for Muslims. He also told that It is the constitutional right of the Muslims to demand reservations.


Mr. Lingala Revi Kumar of Ambedkar Sanghan and Dr. Chunni told that justice would be done to Muslims if 12% reservations are provided.



–Siasat News