Reservation campaign strengthened with the unity of Muslims – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that the spark of Muslim reservation turned into a big flame with the unity of the Muslims. If any attempt is made to suppress this movement, it will intensify further. For the backwardness of the Muslim, representatives of the Muslims and Muslim officials are responsible who did not submit appropriate proposals to the Govt. for the development of Muslims. He told this while addressing a large all party meeting held at Bodhan bus stand yesterday organized by Minorities sub-plan and 12% reservation action committee.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan further told that the campaign for 12% reservation for Muslims is concern with the entire Muslim community. Siasat Urdu Daily did not compromise in raising Muslim issues and it will not do so in the future. The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily has now become a mass public movement with the help of Muslim organizations and all the political and religious institutions. This campaign is gaining movement in all the districts of Telangana State. Ladies are also participating in it actively. It takes time for any movement to intensify but it doesn’t take any time to transform it into a revolution. At present, Ms. Kavitha, TRS MP of Nizamabad is making a promise to represent this matter to the Central Govt. He told Ms. Kavitha to fulfill the promise made by TRS by constituting BCs Commission. The promise for offering 12% reservation for Muslims was not made by the Muslims but it was TRS which made this promise. Since TRS has assumed power, it is its responsibility to provide 12% reservation to Muslims and then refer the matter to Central Govt. It is a fact that BJP is the ruling party in the Center and Muslims have no hope with PM Modi. He also told that the campaign for 12% reservation for Muslim started initially in the nooks and corners and reached the portals of the Govt. it has now organized hunger strike. In the past, many movements were stopped. If this movement is also stopped, it would turn into a revolution. So far, youths have not been linked to this movement. This movement is being run in a democratic way. If any attempt is made to suppress it, it would have serious consequences for which Govt. would be responsible.


Congress MLC, Ms. Aakula Lalita told that Congress promised reservation for Muslim and it provided 4% reservation in the past but Mr. KCR promised 12% reservation for Muslims and he did not fulfilled it. She promised that she would exert pressure on the Govt. till reservation is announced. Mr. Mahesh Kumar Goud, Senior Congress leader welcomed the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily for providing 12% reservation to Muslims and congratulated Mr. Amer Ali Khan who is the spirit behind it. He said that Congress party fully supports this movement. It has sent 50 thousand letters to KCR to exert pressure on him.


Mr. Taher bin Hamadan, District President of Congress told that all the leaders of political and non-political parties have supported this movement and organized one day strike, Mr. Javeed Akram, Chairman of District Wakf Committee of Nizamabad told that TRS made a promise in its election manifesto to provide 12% reservation for Muslims but it did not fulfilled even after the lapse of 18 months. The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily has taken a revolutionary turn. If the Govt. does not pay immediate attention to fulfill its promise, this movement would be turned into “Tsunami”.


Ms. Fatima, Advocate welcomed the movement and said that it is uniting the Muslims. Mr. Sameer Ahmed, District President of Minorities Cell of Congress told that the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily is creating the effect of “Tsunami” in Telangana districts. CPM leaders, Ms. Noor Jahan told that the Muslims are very poor. The Govt. should provide 12% reservation for Muslim immediately. Maulana Kareemuddin Kamal asked the Govt. to fulfill its promise. Mr. Abdul Qader Sajid, MBT leader told that those who make emotional speeches are away from this movement. Mr. Anwar Khan, Convener of the program told that TRS mustered the support of the Muslims by promising 12% reservation for them. Mr. Goverdhan, CPM leader told that Sachar Committee and Ranganatha Mishra Commission clearly indicated that the Muslims are more backward than SCs and STs.


State Convener of sub-plan and reservations committee, Mr. Mohammed Abbas demanded the CM to provide reservations to Muslims. Mr. Wajihullah, Member of Ahl-e-Hadees told that Ms. Kavitha, TRS MP of Nizamabad had convened a meeting of the Muslims yesterday just to appease them.



–Siasat News