Researches claim low nicotine cigarettes may not curb smoking

Washington DC:The FDA might have thought that low nicotine content cigarettes might function as a measure to make cigarettes non-addictive but a recent study conducted on the same shows opposite results.

In a study conducted by Wiley, researchers claim that the reduction of nicotine content of cigarettes might not eliminate smoking dependence.

The idea behind this two year long research was that progressively reducing nicotine intake from cigarettes could make smokers less dependent and more likely to quit.

Talking about the research, lead author Dr Neal Benowitz said that during the research they did not know that very low nicotine cigarettes won’t work to reduce nicotine dependence and enhance quitting, but progressively reducing nicotine content of cigarettes in the way they did, without other means of supporting smokers, did not produce the desired results.

The research is published in the Journal Addiction. (ANI)