Required Solution Engineer in “Apple” @Spain

Job Description:

Your job as a Solution Engineer is to show companies that are discovering the possibilities of Apple computers and mobile devices how to deploy our products in their workplaces. You collaborate with customers and together you create exclusive, simple and elegant solutions. You’re part of a dynamic team with a passion for providing brilliant answers to business customers coming to the Apple Store. You have the challenge of always keeping your technical knowledge and professional skills up to date, and you know how to integrate Apple technology into any environment.

Main qualifications:

Extensive experience in environments with mixed technologies, including enterprise level infrastructures.
Experience interacting with clients with any level of responsibility and technical knowledge.
Ability to support sales teams with technical issues and improve their relationship with customers.


As a Solution Engineer, you are part of a team that helps customers implement Apple technology in their companies. Your team meets with these customers to find out their needs and find a way to help them compete effectively and efficiently. Informs about the possibilities of our products in the work centers not only the customers, but also the members of your team. Then you create solutions suitable for the environment of each client using our extensive database, your own experience and the collaboration of external suppliers. Finally, you work with customers and offer them the perfect solutions for your needs. Getting customers to use technology effectively contributes to their success and Apple’s success in the business.

Additional Requirements:

• You have proven experience in creating technical solutions.
• In addition to technical skills, you have interpersonal and presentation skills.
• Flexibility is essential. Your work schedule will depend on the needs of the business.

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