Republic of Korea thrash England 56-17 in Kabaddi WC

Ahmedabad [India]: Republic of Korea produced a defensive master class as they defeated England 56-17 to record their fifth successive win in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup on Sunday.

Republic of Korea rested their big guns, including Jang Kun Lee, but still notched a comfortable win.

Two defenders from Republic of Korea attained a high five whereas for England Tejesh Depala scored 10 points. Republic of Korea defence didn’t give any breathing space to England raiders. England could score only six raid points during the match.

Republic of Korea are top of Group A with 25 points from five games and have already qualified for the semi finals. England are third in the group with 10 points from four games and will not make it to the semi finals.

Republic of Korea opened their account with a tackle point in the third minute to take 1-0 lead. England made a slow start and struggled to get any points on the board in the first five minutes as Republic of Korea led 4-0. Republic of Korea got their first touch point in the sixth minute through a raid by CheolGyu Shin to lead 5-0.

England were down to just two men and forced a super tackle in the ninth minute to open their account as they trailed 2-7. Republic of Korea inflicted the first all out in the 11th minute to lead 12-2.

England raiders had a poor first half as they couldn’t muster a single point in the first 12 minutes. Tope Adewalure, the leading raider in the World Cup, was kept quiet by the stingy Republic of Korea defence. Tejash Depala scored three tackle points for England in the first half.

Republic of Korea inflicted the second all out of the match to lead 23-3 after 17 minutes. Keshav Gupta finally scored their first raid point in the 18th minute as England trailed 4-23. Yong Joo achieved a high five in the first as Republic of Korea led 27-4 at the end of the first half.

England forced a super tackle in the 22nd minute to trail 6-28. It was the English raiders which let them down and as they picked up the second raid point in 24th minute. TejeshDepala forced his third super tackle as England trailed 9-30 after 24 minutes. Republic of Korea inflicted the third all out in the 26th minute to lead 35-9.

Republic of Korea led 38-12 after 30 minutes as England’s raiders continued to struggle. Tope Adewalure finally scored his first point in his eighth raid in the 32d minute.

CheolGyu Shin attained a super 10 in the 34th minute as Republic of Korea led 41-14. Kim Gyung Tae achieved a high five and became the second Republic of Korea player to do so as they strengthened their hold on the match. Lee Dong Geon came on as a substitute and scored four points with a super raid in the 35th minute as Republic of Korea led 45-16.

Another all out was inflicted by Republic of Korea in the 37th minute to lead 49-17. It was a disappointing night for England as they struggled to cope with the wily Republic of Korea defence. Republic of Korea won 56-17 and remain unbeaten in the World Cup. (ANI)