Report: At least 48 journalists killed on the job in 2016

New York: The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that at least 48 reporters have been killed on the job in 2016.

That number is down from 72 journalists in 2015.

The organisation says 26 of the journalists killed in 2016 died in combat or crossfire. They died covering conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia.

The group says just 18 of the journalists killed in 2016 were directly targeted for death in retaliation for their work. That’s the lowest number since 2002.

Syria was the deadliest country for journalists for the fifth year in a row. At least 14 journalists were killed in Syria in 2016.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has been tracking deaths among reporters and broadcasters since 1992.