Renowned Preacher Dr Zakir Naik to return to India

New Delhi: Renowned preacher Dr. Zakir Naik alleged for hate speeches as accused by social radical outfits, will be arriving back to India from Malaysia according to NDTV source.

Dr Zakir Naik is also accused of allegedly inspiring ISIS terrorist in 2016 Dhaka attack, when the preacher always conveyed peace messages and took a stand against alleged terrorism and inhuman killing in the name of Islam.

“He is out of the country tonight. He will be taking a flight to India today I believe,” a Malaysian government source told NDTV in Kuala Lumpur.

The preacher was forced to leave India after he was falsely accused of inspiring terrorists. Ever since he left India in 2016, he had been living in Putrajaya in Malaysia and was also granted a permanent residency by the Malaysian Government.

However, the Indian government has been demanding the Malaysian government to return him as he is wanted by the anti-terror National Investigation Agency.

“In our conversations with Indian authorities like RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), we said please give us an Interpol notice and we will arrest him, but they failed to do so,” said an official.

Malaysian Home Minister was recently quoted saying that if Zakir Naik had committed crime he is subjected to local laws.

The NIA charged Dr Zakir Naik for “promoting enmity and hatred between different religious groups in India through public speeches and lectures,” last year.

Dr Zakir Naik, is a 52-year-old medical doctor, and rose to fame for enlightening people about Islam and taking a bold stand against Terrorism and anti-Islamic acts.

With India being a secular country, Religion and freedom of speech being granted under the Indian constitution, Dr. Zakir Naik, unlike other social radical outfits, and Hindutva followers who boldly threaten the minority community, was still accused of his preachings.

A channel called “Peace TV”, which features Zakir Naik’s preachings, was banned by Bangladesh after reports claimed that terrorists at a Dhaka cafe that killed 22 people were inspired by him.