Renault hit by global cyberattack

French carmaker Renault is the latest major organisation to be hit by the massive wave of cyberattacks sweeping the globe, the company’s management said on Saturday.

“We have been affected,” a spokeswoman told AFP, saying they were assessing the situation to try to find a solution. “Work is going on since last night. We are doing what is needed to counter this attack,” she added.

Car production was halted in Slovenia after computers at the headquarters of Renault’s subsidiary Revoz in Novo Mesto were affected, a spokeswoman told AFP.

“We can confirm that on Friday, May 12, some problems occurred on certain parts of Revoz’s information system that led to the halting of production during the night,” said the spokeswoman.

Production remained suspended Saturday, she added.

“The problems were mainly related to France where some of Renault’s factories also faced a malfunctioning of certain parts of its information system,” the spokeswoman also said.

Renault is the first French company to confirm it has been affected by the attack.

Friday’s wave of cyberattacks, which affected dozens of countries, apparently exploited a flaw exposed in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency.