‘Rename Taj Mahal as Ram Mahal or Shivaji Mahal’: BJP MLA

NEW DELHI: Known for making contentious comments, BJP MLA from Yogi Adityanath government stoke yet another and this time in an attempt to saffronise the monuments demanded to rename the Agra-based white mausoleum Taj Mahal as ‘Ram Mahal or Krishna Mahal’.

According to a Times Now report, Surendra Singh suggested that the roads and monuments built and named after Mughal Emperors should be renamed.

“No, no need to destroy. Building structure using resources from the soil of India… it belongs to India. Someone used India’s resources and the construction worker’s name should be there … that’s not correct (calling it Taj Mahal),” the MLA from Bairia said.

When asked what Taj Mahal should be renamed to replied: “Taj Mahal should be renamed as Ram Mahal or Krishna Mahal… what’s wrong in this?”

He added, “Agar mera chale to iska naam badal kar rashtrabhakt mahal kar dena chahiye. (If given a chance I would name it Rashtra-bhakht Mahal),” further suggesting renaming Victoria Memorial in Kolkata as ‘Janaki Palace’.

This is not the first time when the BJP MLA has made such absurd statement. Earlier, he had sparked controversy by saying that prostitutes are better than government staffs.

He is the same leader who had backed jailed BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, an accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district.