‘Remove posters having pictures of Wing Commander Abhinandan’: EC to Facebook

The Election Commission has directed social media platform Facebook to remove two posters having Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s pictures which was shared by BJP leader and Delhi legislator O.P. Sharma on the social media.

The political parties has already been reminded by the Election Commission of the 2013 advisory and asked them to stop using pictures of defence personnel or any events linked with them for political propaganda.

The Model Code of Conduct came into effect on Sunday after the Election Commission announced the Lok Sabha election schedule. The political parties, their candidates and cadres are required to abide by the Code and refrain from any electoral offence or malpractice.

The EC has taken the action based a complaint received through a cVIGIL mobile application which was introduced to empower citizens in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Citizens can record any violation of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) on their mobile and send it to the election authorities for appropriate action.

cVIGIL can immediately report on incidents of misconduct without having to rush to the office of the returning officer to lodge a complaint. It has a live photo/video with auto location feature which can be fairly relied upon by election machinery to navigate to the right spot and take prompt action.

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