Removal of NOTA from EMS anti-democratic: Sravan

Stating that removal of NOTA button from EVMs in the recent GHMC elections was a grave violation of Constitution, TPCC Chief official spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan Kumar asked the Election Commission as to why it was delaying in setting up printers in the EVMs.
Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan, along with TPCC official spokesperson G Srinivas Yadav, Sravan said not setting up of printers in the EVMs will amount to violation of the Constitution. He said the Supreme Court gave a clear verdict that the voter has a right to know to whom he cast his vote.
Reminding TRS senior leader Niranjan Reddy’s complaint to the Election Commission saying that there was a chance of EVMs tampering and the present Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao too displayed a video in front of the media in 2009 alleging that tampering took place in the then election. “But the same TRS party is not accepting the same now when the opposition parties lodged tampering complaints with primary evidences”, he said.
Reacting on NOTA button, Sravan said that MP Vinod Kumar addressed a letter to the Central Election Commission in 2013 urging to remove the NOTA button as it has pink color but the Election Commission has not accepted his appeal. “The TRS government now removed NOTA button in the GHMC elections by making State Election Commission’s commissioner Nagi Reddy into their clutches”, he alleged and said that the polling percentage fallen drastically due to no NOTA in EVMs. He alleged that the government removed NOTA button by threatening the State Election Commission with the fear of peoples’ discontent in the elections.
Sravan said that the Congress party discussed with the legal experts on GHMC elections and made it clear that the party will fight in the Courts till the election was abolished. He stated that the Congress party was ready to prove with evidences that tampering took place in GHMC elections.
Questioning as to why the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao needed a residence worth Rs.30 crore in eleven acre land, Sravan said that it good on the part of the Chief Minister if he constructed double bed room houses in the 11 acre land located besides present CM Camp Office. Asking whether KCR was a Quli Quthub Shaw, who constructed a Golconda Port, to contemplate to construct another port, Sravan questioned KCR whether he was a king and the rule was a dynastic rule. (NSS)