‘Remixed songs are looked down upon’

Mumbai: Singer Sunidhi Chauhan, music director Amit Trivedi and DJ Nucleya — judges of the upcoming digital music show ‘The Remix’, said remixed songs are never given its due respect.

They were present at the trailer launch of the show which is set to celebrate recreated version of some of the cult songs of Bollywood, here on Wednesday night.

They said through ‘The Remix’ — the first ever OTT musical show on Amazon Prime Video India Original — they are going to give the remixed songs its due respect.

During the press meet, they were also asked about their opinion on the trend of the remixed version of some of the cult songs that have been used in Bollywood films.

Amit told media: “As a creative person, we feel it is sad that in Bollywood, lot of remixed songs are happening. As a composer, we really do not want to touch a composition and work on that because that cult song is a vision of the composer.

“In film format, we do not get enough freedom to recreate the song. And the remix songs are not well respected.”

Agreeing upon the point Nucleya said: “The process of remix a song has been looking down upon because mostly the process has not been given enough attention. Re-creating a song is a beautiful process and that is why in this show we have given a format to all the participants who are creating a new version of the song.”

According to Sunidhi, remixed version of a song could be a beautiful one, if done tastefully.

She said: “Even in the recent release of remix songs in Bollywood, I liked some of them, some, I did not. The problem is the term ‘remix’ is used very loosely.”

“Therefore, in our show, all the participants are given chance to make the song sound new and fresh by re-imagining it, changing the musical arrangement and re-create the song.”

However, Amit added: “I think no composer and singer would be interested to do a remix song in Bollywood, that is mainly the demand of producers and music labels; if we are part of the project, we are just doing our job. So I think the question should be asked to the music companies and producers.”

‘The Remix’ will have 10-episodes, and will start streaming on Amazon from March 9.