Remarks on Prophet (PBUH): Baisi tensed after mob ransacked police station

The situation remained tense but under control in the Purnea district of Bihar after an irate mob ransacked Baisi police station while protesting the derogatory remarks made against the Prophet allegedly by the Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari.

The ‘peaceful’ protest march, taken out by a local minority wing of the Islamic Council of India, turned violent when the mob stormed into Baisi police station and set vehicles on fire causing substantial damage.

“Antisocial elements in the procession had taken advantage of the situation to cause trouble”, said DGP PK Thakur.

According to India Today news the organizers had taken prior permission to for the ‘peaceful’ rally against Tiwari’s allegedly blasphemous statements and a memorandum addressed to the President was submitted to the local officials but a handful of miscreants vent their anger by resorting to violence.

Meanwhile, senior officials of the district administration and the police were camping in Baisi to prevent any flare-up. “The law and order situation at Baisi and adjoining areas was under control and a section of armed police had been deployed there as a precautionary measure”, said Purnea district magistrate Pankaj Kumar Pal.

This violence occurred merely a week after a similar march had led to a tense situation in Malda district of West Bengal where a police station and 40 vehicles were set on fire.