Remark on Ram Temple: BJP activists attack TRS MLA’s house

Hyderabad: Irked with the alleged statement Parakal TRS MLA Challa Dharma Reddy in connection BJP collecting funds for conturcting Ram Temple at Ayodhya, the BJP activists attacked the legislators residence leading to tension in the area.

Scores of BJP activists arrived the MLA’s residence in Hanmakonda and allegedly pelted stones and eggs. Police force was mobilized in the area and tension prevailed.

On Sunday the TRS Legislator slammed BJP leaders for their ongoing drive to collect ₹1000 crore from Telangana in the name of the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Making it clear that they are also Hindus, he said that as to what the BJP leaders would do by collecting ₹29000 crore from all the states of the country and sough an explanation from the saffron party leaders on the issue.

He alleged that nobody knows whereabouts of the donations being collected by the BJP leaders in the state.He alleged that the BJP leaders were collecting the donations in the name of the Ram temple without any accountability and asked the saffron party leaders as to where the money so collected was going.

He also alleged that the BJP leaders were doing petty politics by using the name of Sri Ram. Targetting prime minister Narendra Modi on the issue of the temple construction he asked the PM who had spent 3000 crore public money for the construction of Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue on the banks of river Narmada, whether he was not capable of spending public money for the construction of the temple.