Remain alert on Swine Flu: Health Min

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy today asked the people to be wary of  swine flu or any other health problems and take timely remedy. He made a visit to NIMS here and interacted with patients with swine flu. Out of 5700 people treated, 70 patients tested positive for swine flu at the NIMS.

Speaking on the occasion, the Health Minister said the people should take precautionary measures before the problem increases. Though there was no need of panic on the spread of the dreaded disease, the people have to be more cautious, he warned. The disease at the primary stage itself should be treated to avoid future problems, he said.

The minister advised the people to check at once when the symptoms reflect fever, headache, joint pains, running nose and others. He also asked the officials to see that construction works related to Cath Lab and MRI scanning unit completed on time. Hospitals across the State are equipped with health kits, medicines and treatment, he added. (NSS)