Relish mouth-watering sweet in summer at this Nissei’s cafe

Tokyo: The influx of foreign tourist has increased exponentially over the years in Japan. A majority of them cherish the traveling moments despite the scorching heat.

With such heat, frozen dessert companies are finding an opportunity to promote their products as a measure to beat the summer heat.

“Dolci cafe Silkream”, located in Shibuya, has become a popular joint amidst foreign tourists. This is the flagship shop of “Nissei Company” which first introduced soft serve ice cream in Japan in 1951.

“Nissei Company” has strived with pride of the pioneer to penetrate soft serve ice cream in the Japanese market for about half a century.

The company has mastered this art to penetrate soft serve ice cream in the Japanese market for about half a century. The market dominance has made the company a sole proprietor for the supply of all products related to soft serve ice cream, including cone cups; soft serve mix, and freezers in Japan.

Hiroaki Matsushima, a staff of the company said, “People buy and eat ice cream because of the hot weather, but our concept is that we hope that people eat ice-cream with their close ones. Wherever people go, I hope that they have fun with friends and family while eating ice cream.”

Customers can enjoy new styles of ice cream at this cafe. The menu is also customised in English for foreign customers.

“Cremia” is a great-tasting type of soft-serve ice cream which is made up of high milk fat content that gives very rich creamy texture. Customers can also enjoy “Cremia” adding flavour of different seasonal fruits and sweets. Japanese classics such as red bean paste and green tea “matcha” are also customers’ favourite.

Another staff, Aiko Azuma stated that predominantly, women between 20-40 years of age are making it to the shop in huge numbers. Also, the number of foreign tourists has increased lately and Cremia is quite popular among them.
There is also a takeaway corner along with the dine-in space at this cafe. This is also an added advantage as people prefer to enjoy the flavor in their houses with their families and friends.

Also, a tourist said that in such a hot weather, it could be a cool way to enjoy and take a rest at this cafe.
The ice cream which emanated in Japan a long time ago has attained a new shape which is attracting both local people and foreign tourists.(ANI)