All religious books mention the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH): Sirath Conference

Hyderabad: Almost all the religious book mentions the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). There are forecasts about him in the books of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It is the responsibility of Muslim Ummah to present these facts before their compatriots and extend invitation to them. The Islamic Scholars attending international Sirath Conference provided right thinking to Muslim Ummah.

Maulana Abdullah, in his address requested the youths to concentrate on the study of Islam. He regretted that our youths are not capable of making comparative studies of other religions with Islam. If our youths learn the languages of Sanskrit and Bible, they can perform greater task of presenting Islam to others. He further said that the atrocities meted out to the Muslims by the Buddhists were deplorable. If the Buddhists are told that they are violating their own religion, they would perhaps realize it. He mentions that the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Myanmar resorted to cruelty to Muslims. Muslim scholars by making a comparative study of Buddhism and Islam should negotiate with the Buddhists to tell them that their religion does not permit to kill even the insects.

Dr. Syed Aleem Ashraf Jaisi, in his paper mentioned the details of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) strategies to win the hearts of other religious sects. Maulana Nisar Qasmi told that the only salvation of anarchy in the world is to follow the Sirath of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Maulana Abdullah Tariq presented extracts from four Vedas of Hinduism to refer to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Engineer, in his paper “Prophet of Islam and Bible” proved that despite distortions, Bible still contains the proof of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) arrival.

–Siasat News