Relief to Delhites as temperature plummets due to light showers

New Delhi: In a major relief to the residents of the national capital, temperature fell by more than 10 degrees in Delhi and surrounding area after dust storms followed by rains hit the region on Monday evening.

The brief rains brought relief to people battling a long spell of sweltering heat.

Kurukshetra district in Haryana received rains in afternoon causing a dip in temperature to 35 degrees Celsius.

Most of India is reeling under extreme heat as temperatures have crossed 40 degrees Celsius at several places.

In of Shimla, temperature plummeted to 19 degrees Celsius on Monday.

One of the preferred tourist destinations in summers, Shimla too witnessed a maximum temperature of 40 degrees early this month.

Director of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), B.P. Yadav, attributed the sudden change in weather to western disturbance in the northwestern part of the country.

“Today, there is a western disturbance which is hovering over Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. Due to this, there was a cyclonic circulation around Punjab. In such condition, when heat forms along with moisture which circulates with the air, dark clouds form. This is what can be seen today in Haryana and Delhi,” said Yadav.

Strong winds also lashed New Delhi where temperature had hit to 41 degrees Celsius in afternoon.

Some parts of the capital received brief spell of rains bringing the temperature down to 30 degrees Celsius.

This year’s summer has been harsh as temperature has risen by several degrees in most parts of the country in the beginning of May leading to severe shortage of water and power. (ANI)