Reliance Jio, Cisco to deploy multi-access edge computing

New Delhi: Networking giant Cisco and Reliance Jio on Tuesday announced that both the companies are working together to leverage the power of multi-access edge computing, beginning with optimising and enhancing video experience over the network by developing a mobile content delivery network (CDN).

“Reliance Jio and Cisco continue to drive advancements in technology and create unique practices for service aware networking, and this joint collaboration on edge computing is another example of our effort to constantly reinvent the network and services,” Mathew Oommen, President, Reliance Jio, said in a statement.

The companies demonstrated the concept at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The CDN is integrated into the mobile LTE network with edge caches in close proximity to the mobile users.

With a mobile CDN, the mobile operator can deliver content via edge cloudlets to provide a better user experience with lower latency and higher performance.

“With this multi-access edge computing demo, we are showcasing the possibilities enabled by edge computing to deliver premium-quality mobile entertainment experiences to Jio customers,” said Yvette Kanouff, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider Business, Cisco.

Jio and Cisco’s relationship is spread across multiple domains and technology areas and the former’s Cisco-powered, all-IP network has grown.