Relations Between Families Are Stronger In India: Tomasz Wasilewski

Mumbai: Polish filmmaker Tomasz Wasilewski has said that he likes the fact that Indian cinema involves drama about real people. The director-writer said family ties are much stronger in India as compared to his country and that shows in films made here.

“Relations between families are stronger here in India. It is like generations of generations, the whole family living together, growing up together. I think we are more separate even though close. I saw this emotion in Indian films. I saw real people, their drama which is something very universal. Films don’t have boundaries, nor do feelings,” Wasilewski told PTI.

The filmmaker was among the jury of 18th Jio MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival with Star.

He is considered one of the most interesting voices in the young Polish directing scene and his cinema is

characterised by a minimalistic style featuring psychological portraits created with precision and sensitiveness. When asked if is conscious as a filmmaker about better representation of women on screen, Wasilewski said his stories are dictated by emotions not gender.

“I never think about that because then I’ll close myself as a filmmaker during the writing process. Filmmakers need to be as free as they can while working. “Your characters can be women or men, and their gender never dictates how they behave on screen. It is just emotions.

Filmmakers not really need to take a stand in their work- feminist or otherwise. They need to just tell a story with conviction,” he said.