Reiwa: New era of Japan to begin from May 1

Tokyo [Japan]: Japan’s new imperial era beginning May 1 will be called “Reiwa”, announced Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on Monday.

According to Japan times, Reiwa consists of two words “Rei” and “Wa”. While Rei means “good fortune”, Wa can be translated into “peace” and “harmony”. Japan Prime Minister will explain the official meaning of the new era later today.

The new imperial era will begin when Crown Prince Naruhito takes oath as a new emperor. This is a long tradition in Japan that the ascension of a new emperor to the Chrysanthemum Throne spurs a new era in the nation, which is marked by a new name.

Current era under Emperor Akihito is known as “Heisei”.

Emperor Akihito is slated to abdicate the throne a day before Crown Prince Naruhito’s ascension in May 2019. He will be the first Emperor in Japan to abdicate over two centuries.