Reintroduce Administered Prices on Petro Products: CPI

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India today demanded reintroduction of administered price mechanism on petroleum products
In a statement here, S Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary, said the prices of petrol and diesel since May 14, 2018 have been on the rise and will continue unabated unless the government reintroduces the administered price mechanism that was prevalent in our country for decades. In a country like ours, committed constitutionally to the welfare of the people, leaving everything concerning the daily life of the common people to the whims and fancies of market forces tantamount to sheer negligence of people’s problems and total surrender to the corporate houses. Half the price of oil is only tax. After Modi took over as prime minister, taxes are increased nine times on oil prices.

The statement said that reports already warn of an impending increase of Rs 4 per litre in petrol and diesel prices, alleging that the Modi government was only waiting for the Karnataka polls to be over. Since May 14, petrol price has risen by 69 paisa a litre that took rate in Delhi to Rs 75.32, the highest in almost five years. Diesel prices have gone up by 86 paisa a litre, that took the rate to their highest ever of Rs 66.79 a litre in Delhi. OMCs returned to daily price revision from May 14.

CPI demands withdrawal of all the increased tax from 2014, so that the people can afford the fuel that is essential. The party urges upon all the party units, sympathizers, supporters and friends of the party to come out on streets demanding reintroduction of administered price mechanism on all petro products and reduction of additionally levied taxes, the statement added. (NSS).