With regular physical activities say bye to bacterial infections!

New Delhi: During transitional seasons like autumn and winter the defense mechanism of our body usually starts going downhill due to sudden change in atmosphere.

This is the time of the year when our body become more susceptible to bacterial infections. So, if you want to stave off the risk of bacterial infections, add physical activities in your daily routine.

Low or moderate levels of physical activity may significantly lower your risk of bacterial infections as compared to a sedentary lifestyle, a new study has claimed.

The risk of viral infections is known to be affected by physical activity, but little information was available regarding the more serious infections caused by bacteria.

Researchers, including those from Aalborg University in Denmark, examined the relationship between leisure-time physical activity and suspected bacterial infections during a one-year follow up.

Suspected bacterial infections were determined based on prescriptions for antibiotics.

Results showed that compared with sedentary behaviour, low leisure-time physical activity was associated with a 10 per cent lower risk of any suspected bacterial infection.

Further, low and moderate levels of leisure-time physical activity were associated with a 21 per cent and 32 per cent reduction of suspected cystitis (urinary tract bacterial infections), respectively – compared with individuals classified as sedentary, researchers said.

Suspected respiratory tract bacterial infections, however, were not associated with physical activity level, they said.