Regina King reveals who inspires her to ‘work harder’

Washington: American actor Regina King revealed that she finds her inspiration in none other than Beyonce and we can all relate!
The Oscar-winning actor said that Queen Bey inspires her to “work harder.”

“I think Beyonce empowers me every quarter. There’s just something about just the way she navigates her life, being one of the biggest superstars on the planet, and she just does it with such grace,” King told Us Weekly and other reporters at the TCA Summer Press Tour.

The actor then noted how the singer, who is an eight-time Grammy winner, “inspires me to work harder,” while adding, “I’m always like, no time to sleep and Beyonce wouldn’t be asleep.”

King is quite a hard worker herself. In February, she took home her first-ever Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actress for ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’. In her acceptance speech, she noted that she is “an example of what happens when support and love are poured into someone.”

Her performance in the Barry Jenkins directorial also scored her a Golden Globe win. 2018 was certainly a good year for the 48-year-old star, who also earned a Golden Globe nomination and a Primetime Emmy win for playing Patrice Butler in Netflix’s ‘Seven Seconds’.

At the TCA Summer Press Tour, the actor, who stars in the new HBO superhero series ‘Watchmen’, reflected upon the most inspiring role she has landed in her long-acting career, which includes credits such as ‘Boyz n the Hood’ and the ‘Miss Congeniality’ sequel.

“I guess I would have to say Brenda Jenkins from 227 because that’s where it all started. I’d have to go there. The beginning,” she told Us Weekly at the event, noting how it set her up for the path she is currently on.

“At that time when I got that job, I still wanted to be a dentist. It took that experience and being in that for five years and then going to college and going, yeah, this acting thing is for me. ‘I think I want to re-drop out, Mom. I hope you’re OK with that.’ She wasn’t, but it all worked out,” she shared.

King plays Angela Abar in ‘Watchmen’, which is based on the DC Comics graphic novel and is slated to release in October. A full-length trailer for the upcoming series debuted at San Diego Comic-Con in July.