Refused to shave beard, Muslim students thrown out of NCC Camp; told ‘now it is Modi’s rule’

New Delhi: Ten Muslim students of Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University were allegedly thrown out of National Cadet Corps (NCC) camp for refusing to shave beard. They spent a day and night starving outside the camp as punishment. After returning to camps, cadets began strike before NCC office lawn, demanding suspension of NCC officer Rajneesh Kumar and senior under Officer Abhijeet Kumar as they are responsible for the whole issue.

As reported by Outlook, one of the students also said that they had been attending the camps with beard and it had never been a problem before. “This time also on the first day of our camp we had written an application saying our beards have a religious importance and we should be told if there is a problem. But suddenly on the sixth day of the camp, the authorities said either shave your beard or leave,” he said.

The Indian Express has quoted an official saying “We did not throw them out, we told them to shave as part of discipline of NCC. They said they have their religious beliefs. I told them it is their wish if they wanted to follow their religion… and if they’re not comfortable, they’re at liberty to move out… I have been in the Army for 26 years and that’s the discipline I understand that everyone has to shave, barring Sikh gentlemen.”

It must be noted that on December 19, a 10-day camp was organised by NCC IV Battalion at NCC Bhavan, Rohini sector. 35 cadets of Jamia Millia also participated in the camp. After 5 days they were asked to shave beard to which they refused.

They were told if you don’t shave you will be sent home on which the students asked for written movement order. However without giving movement order they were thrown out of camp. Cadets were also allegedly told that ‘now it is Modi’s rule’.