‘Was refused an award as I got delayed due to traffic’: Kangana Ranaut on award shows

During a podcast, with Bollywood critics Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand, Kangana Ranaut revealed that she was once refused an award as she got stuck in traffic and got delayed by 10-15 minutes to reach the award show.

On the show ‘take 2 episode 10’, that is available on saavn, Kangana shared her experience with the award shows before she had boycotted them completely in 2014.

“Initially you have this ideal notion of the system. It is about adding to your Wikipedia (page) so it is all a fairy tale image. I have had some very ugly experiences. Early on, I got dressed up for some award, I don’t remember the award but I was supposed to receive the award for supporting cast for Life In A Metro. I got stuck in traffic. I started getting calls asking ‘where are you’. The hysteria and panic that I experienced, I didn’t make it and Soha (Ali Khan) got it for Rang De Basanti,” Kangana said.

“Imagine a young woman, that whole notion that you are somebody who is getting an award, that entire thing was shattered. It is like everyone gets a little candy to play with. I was late for some 10-15 minutes and I didn’t get the award,” she said. Kangana added that she couldn’t reach the show and lost the award to Soha.

“Later on, you understand that your award should belong to you, the artist. There was this entire discussion when Heath Ledger was to get an Oscar for The Dark Knight (2009). You are felicitating a performance, not the person, how does it matter whether the artist is alive or not? Later, I was part of this award function, I was asked to perform and when I refused, I was told ‘you get paid and also get an award for your performance’,” Kangana shared.

The Simran actress further said in the podcast, “I was in the United States for my screenwriting course when I got a call from Filmfare in 2014. They told me I was going to get an award for Krrish 3 and they requested me to come back for just one day so I could attend the awards.”

“I told them I am doing my course and going back and forth will cost me around 10 lakh. Because I would miss my classes, I told them it’s not possible. They decided to give the Best Supporting Actress award to Supriya Pathak for Ram Leela instead. It is not to take their credit away, but just that you guys want anecdotes,” she told the show hosts.

“For another award function, Deepika Padukone got an award for Happy New Year. And they didn’t give me an award for Queen as I didn’t show up. The next year they made sure I didn’t get the Best Actress award for Tanu Weds Manu Returns and later I got the National Award. Then they got trolled,” she said.

Asked if it was a hard decision to stop going for award functions, Kangana said, “Very hard decision, especially the gowns I have. The only thing I regret is the gowns and special editions I used to get for the red carpet appearances.”

“My stand is not to ridicule or make them feel insignificant, I have not been disappointed with the award season this year. Maybe not us, but at some point, our voice should make a difference. I had friends telling me this is your time, why protest instead of enjoying but that is the place where you protest. If you aren’t getting an award, what is a protest?” she added.