Red Sand Boas: Myth busted, No supernatural powers

Hyderabad: Red Sand Boa, also called as Two-Headed Snake, is a harmless and non-venomous. It has no special powers or characters like ability to detect treasure hidden underground. This is just a myth.

The snake also does not have two heads. The shape and size of the tail resembles the head. The snake like any other creature has only one head. This snake is caught and sold illegally by poachers to make easy money because of the wrongly identified ability to detect hidden treasure.

In last one month, four Sand Boa Snakes were caught in various parts of Hyderabad city like Malkapur, Begumpet, Air Force Colony and Medchal and handed over to the officials. The snake is also being illegally traded online with code “Double Engine”. The public were requested not to believe the reports that this Snake has supernatural Powers to detect hidden treasure. The Snake no such powers.

The public are requested to co-operate with the Forest Department and report any illegal activity relating to Red Sand Boa to 24 x 7 Toll Free No. 18004255364. Offences like poaching, capturing, illegal trading, relating to Red Sand Boa attracts imprisonment up to 3 years and fine up to Rs 25,000 under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The snake has an important role in our environment by predating on rats, mice, bandicoots and other rodents which destroy almost 25% of food grains. The snake is beneficial to human-beings and has to be protected and conserve.