Recovered from coronavirus, HM Mahmood Ali resumes work

Hyderabad: After recovering from coronavirus, Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali has resumed his work on Monday. He inquired about the law and order situation of the state by speaking to Director General of Police, police commissioners and several IPS officers on phone.

He directed police officials to build up confidence among public in the present situation of coronavirus pandemic in the state. Home minister observed that restiveness prevailed among public due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Mr Mahmood Ali advised people to follow precautionary measures instead of getting panic from the virus.

In a written statement Mohammed Mahmood Ali said that COVID vaccine has not been prepared yet. He has recovered from general medicines. He urged people to take good diet to boost immunity and exercise for half an hour daily.

Mr Mahmood Ali underwent treatment in Apollo hospital. He had said that being an asthma patient he was scared of coronavrius but when his report came positive, he felt that the disease can be treated by taking good diet and taking precautions.

Home minister’s son Azam Ali Khurram and his grandson Furqan Ahmed also underwent treatment in the same hospital after they tested positive.