Recover money from CM for religious expenditure from exchequer – Petition filed in HC

Hyderabad: 40 prominent citizens of Hyderabad filed a petition in the High Court of Hyderabad challenging the CM spending amounts from Govt. exchequer for presenting ornaments to Tirupati Temple.

The petitioners contended that CM used public money amounting to Rs. 10 crore for presenting ornaments to Tirupati temples. He has also sent cash donations to Dargah Ajmer. He organized Iftar party tapping the budget of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare.

The signatories of the petition are Capt. J. Rama Rao, Prof. G. Sridhar Reddy, Dr. Jaswin Jairath, Ms. Chaya Ratan, Retired IAS Officer, Dr. V. Rukmini Rao, Mr. Imran Qureshi, Advocate and others.

Mr. Lubna Sarvath told that Chief Justice of High Court has been informed through this petition that using public money for religious purpose is unlawful. High Court has been made request to recover this money from CM.

—Siasat News