Record representation for Muslim reservations – Pressure on Govt., Siasat’s campaign admitted

Hyderabad: The enthusiasm shown by the Muslims in making representations to BCs Commission for providing 12% reservations has surprised the portals of the Govt. On the one hand BCs Commission is satisfied that it received more than 52000 recommendations, on the other hand Govt. is astonished that from far off places Muslims came to Hyderabad and made representations to BCs Commission in large numbers. It is for the first time that any commission received such large number of representations. Despite visits to the districts, no other commission received such huge numbers of representations in public hearings. It has enhanced pressure on TRS Govt.

It is also a very happy gesture that many BC organizations made a representations that they are in favour of enhancement of reservations for Muslims but they said that reservations for BCs should also be increased.

BCs Commission made it clear that reservation for Muslims would be recommended without disturbing the present reservations of BCs. When Mr. KCR came to know of the details of 6 day public hearing, he was also wonder struck that such large number of representations were submitted. It is a clear indication that Muslims have shown awareness about reservations.

It is reported that BCs Commission has planned to visit various districts of Telangana to review the status of other communities so as to make a comparative study of the backwardness of Muslims in the fields of education and employment. A decision would be taken in the meeting of the BCs Commission for future course of action.

Chairman of BCs Commission, Mr. B.S. Ramulu was very happy to see that thousands of people associated themselves with the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily. He told that the commission is reviewing the representations and very soon the exact number of representations received would be notified.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily submitted 35000 email responses and 10000 written representation to BCs Commission. The chairman and members of BCs Commission felt happy and realized that in response to the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily, people from different places approached the commission in the form of delegations.

The process of sorting out these representation is in process. It is estimated that more than 10000 have been filled in. Many people have also downloaded the form from internet. The chairman of the commission told that the commission could not allot sufficient time for every representation submitted to it. The commission issued 2377 tokens for registrations of the representations many persons submitted memoranda without tokens. Public representatives and political leaders submitted memoranda directly. A delegation of BCs Center for Empowerment submitted a memorandum to the chairman of BCs Commission in which they specified that they are not against the enhancement of reservations for Muslims but they want that the existing reservations for BCs should not be affected. The delegations further told that since the population of the BCs is 52%, there reservations for BCs could also be increased. Govt. organizations of BCs also met the commission and presented concrete argument.

BCs Commission of the opinion that it will not in favour of the Muslims if recommendation are made on the basis of the report of Sudhir Commission of Inquiry and the other committees. The commission is favour of visiting the districts keeping in view the judgments pronounced earlier by various. All though, accommodation has been provided for the office of BCs Commission, other basic amenities and the required staff have not provided. The commission has been provided with only 4 staff members. The commission needs at least 10 staff numbers, computers and computer operators. The commission has requested the Govt. to provide the services of experts for preparing the final report. the commission is considering to commission the services of the experts of various subjects for which the sanction of the Govt. is essential.

–Siasat News