Record of Masjid Nana Bagh Waqf land tampered

Interesting revelations have come to fore in connection with Masjid Nana Bagh, Basheer Bagh. After reviewing the registration and revenue record of the land by the Waqf Board, it was revealed that the figures have been tampered in registration and revenue record.

It is said that the original record mentions that 21 Beegha land was endowed but some elements changed the number 21 (written in Urdu script) into 7, thus making the Waqf land to only 7 Beegha instead of original 21 Beegha.

On the basis of this record Waqf Board has begun efforts to restore 16 acre land. It is being tried to compare the Waqf record with the record present in endowment as several records regarding Waqf is present in endowment.

2 gazettes were found in Waqf board one gazette shows 16 acre while other gazette shows 5 acre 7 guntas. As per the record the land was endowed in 1925 the endower of the land was Nawab Liyaqat Ali Khan.

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