‘Record-breaking’ Iftar party hosted in Srinagar

Srinagar: The Kashmir valley on Thursday evening witnessed a record-breaking Iftar party in which around 3000 people broke their fast together.

The event was organized by event management group, LoudBeetle.in, which has last year hosted Asia’s longest Iftar on the banks of world famous Dal Lake.

In yesterday’s Iftar, there was no guest list as everyone was invited.

Sponsored by the local traders and companies, the idea behind the event was to foster brotherhood in the holy month of Ramzan.

“It is community get together. Holy month of Ramzan is known for the festivals. So we are trying to send across a message of brotherhood by hosting Kashmir’s largest Iftar”, said Ahmer Khan, Organizer of the function.

“From juice, to biscuits to dates to ferni (dessert), the menu was carefully chosen to suit the taste buds of the people in the fasting month,” he added.

A local, Irfan Aziz said such events send a message of brotherhood in the society.

Last year, Alexandria in Egypt broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest Iftar spread by hosting 7,000 people.

India was also on the record map for organising Asia’s largest Iftar in Kashmir – along the banks of the scenic Dal Lake where more than 3,500 people formed a 5,000-feet-long chain over ‘dastarkhans’ or dinning cloth at the scenic Dal Lake in Srinagar to break their fast. (ANI)