With recent Center’s ban, price of Kalyani Biryani to go up

HYDERABAD: With Cow vigilantes terrorizing and threatening cattle traders against buying and selling of cattle, there is a huge drop in supply of beef which has resulted in the rise in prices of beef meat with various small shops in the city closing down their shops.

With the many in the city savoring Kalyani Biryani for being delicious and pocket-friendly price, the prices could go up in future.

With the Centre’s ban on slaughtering of cattle now, the city is worried about losing livelihoods of 15 lakh people in the state.

The beef prices have recently increased from 200 Rs per kg to current 260 per kg, the retail prices has also increased from 110 per kg to 170-180.
Mohammad Moinuddin Qureshi, a cattle trader who also deals in beef at wholesale and retail says, “Since the notification has been out, there have been some groups who are going to cattle markets and threatening cattle sellers.
With the current situation over the ban, Hotels serving Kalyani biryani say there could be a rise in the price of the Biryani which would not be pocket-friendly anymore.

The impact the ordinance had in the city, says one of the Hotel owner “Recently when my brother went to a cattle market in Siddipet to buy animals for slaughter, some members of right wing groups came to the market and threatened farmers not to sell their cattle. He had to return empty handed. In the past week there have been incidents at many places in the state, of cattle traders being stopped on road and their animals taken away to gaushalas, even though they were ox and buffaloes or traders being extorted.” Qureshi said. He says that at least 30 per cent of beef retail shops have been shut in the city. Raju Shinde, owner of a popular hotel. “We have been buying beef at `260 per kilo against `200 which was the rate few days ago. If it continues then we have to increase the price. We have not increased prices due to Ramzan” Indian Express reported.