Rebel shelling kills 6 in Aleppo University campus

Aleppo (Syria): Rebel shelling has killed at least six civilians and injured many others on the Aleppo University campus, which houses families displaced by the Syrian conflict, officials said on Thursday.

The attack on the Aleppo University area took place on Wednesday, when a number of mortar shells and other self-propelled rounds fired by militants landed near the campus, RT online reported.

According to Aleppo Police Command, cited by SANA news agency, all of the victims were either students or members of displaced families and locals.

Earlier on Wednesday, three women and a man were injured by reactive munitions shelling from rebel forces in the neighbourhoods of al-Hamadaniyeh and New Aleppo.

The attacks, apart from inflicting heavy civilian casualties, have significantly damaged buildings and other properties.

Jihadist groups have been shelling residential areas of Western Aleppo almost on a daily basis since the Syrian Army with the support of Russia and other allies surrounded Al-Nusra Front terrorists and allied militants in Eastern Aleppo, which has become a jihadist stronghold.